Astellas Pharma and Medivation have announced the submission of application for marketing approval of enzalutamide in Japan for the treatment of prostate cancer

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Enzalutamide, 20128.31FDA-approved treatment for advanced prostate cancer drugs. Enzalutamide the androgen receptor antagonist for the treatment of castration resistant prostate cancer (castration-ressitant prostate cancer). Enzalutamide Medivation developed by the trade name Xtandi.
Enzalutamide synthesis of amino acids by the compounds 1 and 2 obtained by the Ullmann coupling with methyl esterification of 3,3 isothiocyanate 4 (can be retrieved by the corresponding aniline and phosgene prepared sulfur) cyclization Enzalutamide

Prostate cancer is a threat to men’s health killer, according to incomplete statistics, their deaths after lung cancer. Metastatic prostate cancer refers to cancer cells by the prostate and surrounding tissue spread to other tissues or organs. Metastatic prostate cancer is usually divided into two phases: hormone sensitive period (the hormone-sensitive state) and castration tolerant phase (the castration-resistant state). Testosterone (testosterone) and other male hormones can provide nourishment prostate cancer cell growth.

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