PHASE 1- MGL-3196 (VIA-3196)Madrigal Pharmaceuticals, to treat high cholesterol/high triglycerides

New Drug Approvals


MGL-3196 (VIA-3196)   photo credit The haystack
Madrigal Pharmaceuticals, acquired from VIA Pharmaceuticals, licensed from Roche to treat high cholesterol/high triglycerides , it mimics thyroid hormone, targeted to thyroid hormone receptor beta in the liver

Specifically, MGL-3196 is a thyroid hormone analog, designed to target a thyroid hormone receptor in the liver. These receptors regulate genes involved in cholesterol regulation and metabolism.

MGL-3196 is an orally administered, small-molecule liver-directed ß-selective THR agonist designed to specifically target receptors in the liver involved in metabolism and cholesterol regulation, and avoid side effects associated with thyroid hormone receptor activation outside the liver, including those mediated by THR-α receptors. MGL-3196 has currently completed Phase I single and multiple dose trials in healthy volunteers. MGL-3196 is being developed for dyslipidemia/hypercholesterolemia to lower LDL cholesterol, triglyceride levels and Lp(a), and was inlicensed from Roche Pharmaceuticals. MGL-3196 has excellent safety in comparative studies with other THR agonists…

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